Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abyss of Darkness

Deep in the abyss of sol's glare, CIOCC awaits... corroded chains shacked by darkness...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to my Fixie

I Dream a Fixie

Such an eerie vision. A portrait of your future fixie embedded into your brain during the night. Electrical activity indicated by brainwave patterns, fluctuating through stages of REM sleep. Eyes rapidly fluttered back and forth under my heavy eyelids at various times. I woke up in a sweat of blood, heart pulsating...like a disco without a beat…like a trance without acid.

The unborn "Child"

My Fixie will be reborn.
"Release my fixie!" summoned the angels of heaven.
Twenty eons have passed and why the sudden madness?
Memories never fades away...thoughts lingers in one's mind creating a boggling surreal feeling, like you're back in time, trying to capture the fraction of pleasure cocooned beneath in your thick skull.

Electric eclectic neurons at work.

In a fraction of a time, the CIOCC will be released from her trapped dungeon of hell,
released to the world. Let it be unchained from the calamity of the heat & fire...

Followers awaits...